NEW Scoil na míochaine luibhe

Online Foundation course in Herbal medicine   12 Monthly Modules
 Course is an online one consisting of 12 modules which are completed monthly  Each month there are multiple choice questions to complete before going on to the next month.

Enrollment  now.

 Please email  or phone 086 3369642  for a course description and more information.

PART ONE Month 1
: Introduction to Herbal Medicine
• The Four humours • The five elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Month 2: Active plant constituents. • Glossary of terms.
• Introduction to herbal preparations.

 Month 3: The digestive system- Part 1
• Anatomy and physiology as viewed by western medicine. • Anatomy and physiology as in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Month 4: The digestive system - part 2
• Pathology, nutrition and treatment. • Materia medica (study of herbs) • Outline of seven herbs specific to the digestive system

Month 5: The Respiratory System - part 1 • Anatomy and physiology

Month 6: The Respiratory System - part 2
• Nutrition. • Common illnesses and their home treatment. • Materia medica - outline of seven herbs specific to the respiratory


 Month 7.
The skin - part 1
• Anatomy and physiology.

Month 8 The skin,- part 2
• Nutrition • Pathology • treatment • Herbs - seven herbs for the treatment of skin conditions

Month 9 The Urinary System - part 1 • Anatomy & physiology• Pathology

 Month 10 The Urinary system - part 2
• Nutrition • Possible treatments of common conditions • The study of seven herbs used specifically for this system

Month 11 The cardiovascular system - part 1
• Anatomy & physiology • Nutrition for the heart • A study of 4 herbs used to treat minor heart issues.

Month 12 Gynaecology
• Anatomy and physiology • pathology. • common conditions and their treatment using 7 herbs specific to this

There are two optional workshops in June and July but attendance is strongly recommended. This is because they add a very practical dimension to the theory given in each of the modules and enable you to become more confident in two key areas - plant identification and plant preparations.The seminars (week or weekend) are held in beautiful West Cork, Ireland, overlooking Roaringwater bay and the atlantic sea.
These workshops cover:
• the practical side of making herbal preparations in the home.

• the identification of herbs

 the harvesting of herbs according to their properties eg.digestive,bitter etc

 • making preparations specific to the system eg.chest rubs, antil-inflammatory ointments poultices etc

• The course is designed for the beginner and is a non professional course which enables people to treat minor complaints for family and friends. It does not qualify a person to set up in practice as a professional herbalist This requires further training.
Please call Jacqueline on 086 3369642 for a course description or any queries related to the course.


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